here’s How I can assist your community and/or organization in positioning for growth

Here are 8 tracks that in implemented in combination or individually, can make a huge difference in your community’s or organizations plan for success!


strategic planning

Jim can develop an overall strategic (Action Plan) plan for economic development or a specialized action plan for new jobs, business retention & expansion, retail attraction, visitor/tourist attraction, and/or community preparation for growth. This includes a marketing plan, careful use of resources, recruitment and training of volunteers, a budget, and staff development.

retail attraction planning

Most, if not all retail businesses, especially large, national chains, have developed a “template” of demographic characteristics that if followed, pretty much insures their success in a selected market and/or location. We can develop a realistic retail marketing strategy for those sales tax revenue producing businesses that will locate and thrive in your community. Retail attraction is an important component of economic development and works best in an overall strategy.

executive search

When looking to fill a President/CEO, Executive Director, or a Senior Staff position, the process is very important to the success of the new leader. We network with our contacts with friends and peers who are successful, professional economic developers and Chamber executives to find that qualified person who is the perfect fit to lead your organization to success. Our recruiting method also respects the time spent in this process by your search committee and respects your budget for this activity.

We have assisted several communities in the search process and identified high-quality individuals who are exhibiting tremendous success in leading their organizations. Some have come from the local community or existing staff, but have enjoyed a great start due to our process.

target industry analysis

The successful programs are those who know what/they are hunting and they know exactly how those employers fit into their local economy. CGS can analyze your community’s assets and provide a reasonable list of target businesses that will insure the success of your program.

Retreat facilitation

Jim is an experienced and highly-qualified facilitator for your board, staff, or organization planning retreat. In addition to facilitation, he will assist you and your staff in planning an effective, productive planning event that will respect the time of your board, staff, and constituents.

This facilitation process includes a recap of outcomes that can be easily interfaced into an existing or new Plan of Action for the organization.

business retention & expansion

The design and development of a program that helps a community track and retain their current employer base, assist those employers with growth objectives, and “identify a crisis before it becomes a crisis”! We can help set up this program in a community of any size. Jim can assist in selecting a BRE database software that will enhance your organization’s ability to manage your BRE program.


This is a “quick action” program for that new Chamber or Economic Development CEO or Sr Manager. This is an intense 3-days with Jim reviewing Board management, events, fundraising, meeting State officials, benchmarking with successful, neighboring organizations, designing a "First 100 Days Plan of Action", and mapping out an affordable, reasonable professional development plan ensuring the new leader’s success.

special projects

If your community or organization has a special economic development project that requires some special, professional assistance, we are happy to review the issue and offer assistance in attaining you goals and objectives.